Some family friends from Paris have been in town this past week, and my mom has been showing them around New York. Chris and I met up with them for dinner a couple times, but this afternoon, he opted out of a lunch engagement at the Dallas BBQ in Times Square (vegetarian-friendly fare isn’t exactly their speciality). The ladies wanted ribs, so ribs it was. 

This was definitely an experience…No wonder America has an “obesity epidemic.” The portions were huge and the prices were low. I dig a good value and all, but most of the food wasn’t the type it’s great to double-or triple-up on. But hey, when in Rome—or Times Square. 
I ordered their spinach salad with rotisserie chicken and asked for the dressing on the side. It was really good, but I had to take almost half of it home! I totally lost steam. I also enjoyed a freaking goblet of diet coke and tasted the “onion loaf.” What a strange place…

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