I took my first final today. Glad that’s over. Unfortunately, this just means that I can now start studying for Biochem. Tomorrow, though. I need a night off.

After the exam, I hung around campus a while, whipping a few drafts of upcoming pieces into shape for a Healthy Heart & Sole series on things to do with kids over holiday break. 

My appetite is finally starting to feel normal again—last night’s fever seems to have burned off most of whatever it is I’ve got. My sense of taste is finally back too! It almost makes me not care that I can’t hear out of my left ear.

While working, it was especially nice to enjoy an old favorite weird-but-good combo—a cherry pie Larabar crumbled into plain yogurt. Anyone else ever do that? I don’t normally buy Larabars because they’re so easy to make, but once in a while you just want what you want when you want it.

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