I somehow made it through my first full weekend working at the hospital, but wow, am I wiped out. And time to do it all over again tomorrow! We do get compensatory days off, but it’s usually that you get Thursday and Tuesday off—one on each end—which is nice but confusing to the inner clock.

Still, I kept myself fueled with packed breakfasts and lunched (I’d rather eat things like Greek yogurt and arugula salad w/ roasted figs, goat cheese & the works than attempt to assemble something in the joke of the weekend cafeteria situation). I was also lucky enough to be treated to a nice dinner after my Sunday shift at a nearby Meditteranean restaurant (not to mention some much-needed wine). Despite snacks throughout the day, I was a hungry, stupid mess by the end of the day.

I’m guilty of eating lunch at my desk this weekend

Finding funny things to laugh at on the way to work never hurts, though. I felt so bad for this Pooh-bear I saw on Sunday morning! 

Even though I’m tired, I felt I did right by all the patients I saw and actually made a small, positive difference in someone else’s day, so that makes it worth it, cheesy as that sounds.

What makes a long day worth it to you? 


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