coffee: an important part of this complete breakfast

I’m officially addicted to caffeine. Getting a coffee maker was one of the best worst decisions I’ve ever made, since I’m saving a lot of money—and paper cups—but now I find myself unable to start my morning without at least a cup of black coffee. Green tea (which has a lower caffeine content) used to be enough. Ah well.

To quote Mr. Bob Dylan, “I never asked for your crutch, now don’t ask for mine…”

Besides, coffee has some health benefits! I’ll take the potential reduced risk in diabetes, heart disease and some cancers any day! However, a recent study showed that coffee may affect women’s estrogen levels in various ways depending on race, so that could be worth taking into consideration.

For now, though, I’m just fine relying on those few cups a day to keep me going. I can totally stop whenever I want to. Yeah, right…

Are you hooked on caffeine? How do you take your coffee? 

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