Saturday morning-Oats in a PB jar. Hell yes.

I kind of fell off the radar this weekend. During the week, I got hit with a killer sinus thing that gave me a hardcore toothache, earache, and twitchy eye. There was a lot of sleeping, but there was also some reading, walking, napping, and yoga-ing (aka sweating with strangers).

In other news, I managed to make an omelet and not totally f**k it up. This is some kind of personal breakthrough. 

Sure, I had a little work to do, but I also took myself out to a cute little wine bar on Sunday afternoon for a glass of red and some time with my notebook. It’s all about the small pleasures, you know?

Fingers crossed for a clear-headed week!

What was the best part of your weekend? Looking forward to anything in particular this week? 

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