Wow, October was a big month! On the professional front, I had multiple events happening at the Breast Center for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which was so much fun. One of them was even a live food demo with an actual audience in addition to live-streaming! I also submitted a big writing project and recorded some new podcast episodes I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks and months. 

On the personal life front, we finally had our wedding celebration—only about 14 months late! I have to say, though, the fact that we had already been married for over a year really took the pressure off and we could just relax and enjoy the day when it finally arrived. Yes, there was plenty of stress involved in planning, but we are so grateful we got to celebrate with friends and family—we ended up with about 60 people there, all of whom had to show proof of a negative covid test within 3 days and of course we provided hand sanitizer and masks and had precautions in place around serving food, etc. 

Strange times we’re still living in. 

That said, I’m so excited for the future and hoping for lots of good things ahead. 

While I tried to take a lighter load in October with after-hours projects, I still did some things I wanted to share that I hope you will find helpful. I’ll also be sharing more in my monthly newsletter, along with some gifts for you. You can sign up here

As I do every month, here’s a look at some recent publications and media appearances

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October 2021 Media 




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 Podcast Episodes: 


Podcast: SimpleHealth CEO Carrie Siubutt

Podcast: How To Adjust To The End of Daylight Savings Time



Featured In: 



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Vitamin Shoppe 

People Over 55 Need More of These 5 Nutrients


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Photo by Ellysia Francovitch

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