Sitting at my desk, eating a giant kale salad (inspired by Angela at Oh She Glows) and procrastinating, I came across Peanut Butter & Co‘s  Tumblr, The Nutropolitan Museum of Art. It’s a pretty clever way to show a bunch of ridiculous variations on a PB sandwich.

While I can’t say I’d ever encourage someone to eat a peanut butter-and-cheeto sandwich, I’m amused that it exists.

PB & J with figs, on the other hand, sounds absolutely wonderful. I’m even willing to overlook the caramel popcorn in there.

Dried kiwis and mango? Coconut shavings? Sign me up!

Whimsical junk-food sandwiches are cute and all, but an interesting new study showed that poor food choices over time may promote gradual weight. Potato chips were shown to be among the top offenders, along with sugar-sweetened beverages and meat. Go figure, fruits and vegetables were associated with gradual weight loss.

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