Happy Friday! How many more days do you think I can get away with talking about resolutions? They’re numbered, I know that for sure. Dare I ask how said resolutions are going? I have to admit—I have been loving the enthusiasm and energy my clients have shown in their approach. You guys rock. Keep up the awesome.

snapper and saladStill figuring out the “how” of those vows to eat better this year? Setting SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely) goals can give you much-needed structure and provide more opportunities to celebrate successes. Taking the pressure off of goals like “weight loss” and “eat cleaner” and focusing instead on little tweaks to make in our everyday diet may actually help us get where we want to be.

For example, simply making veggies at lunch and dinner a priority can crowd out more processed, carb-heavy choices. Incorporating some of those super-seeds can increase our fiber intake and help us feel for satisfied and put the afternoon snack beast to rest. Using more spices in your cooking instead of relying on the salt shaker will encourage you to eat a lower-sodium diet without feeling like you’re resigned to bland food.

Check out my recent post on Elana Lyn for nutrition resolutions you can make this year to improve your diet without overthinking or driving yourself crazy counting grams of whatever-the-f***.

Happy eating!

Did you make any health-related New Years resolutions? 

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