I keep saying “I can’t believe it’s December already,” and let’s be real—soon I’ll be saying that about January. I always feel extra-reflective this time of year, though, as my birthday is at the end of November, so as I think about what I want to accomplish and experience in the year ahead, I also think a lot about what I experienced in the past go around the sun and at least try to process it. 2021 (and 35) left me with a lot to sort through.  

Every December I really look forward to planning ahead for the new year. I have some really exciting things in the works for 2022 and have been enjoying mapping out those goals and plans to support them. I’ll be sharing some big news soon! 

As for this blog, I’m also planning some changes for next year. These media round-ups and life catch-ups will be quarterly instead of monthly so I can focus more on bringing you content to simplify your wellbeing and I’m excited to be going back to weekly podcast episodes. You can check them out on my podcast page

Here’s a look at a few recent publications, podcasts, and other media appearances.

November 2021 Media



What To Donate to the Company Food Drive This Holiday Season

A Psychiatrist Shares Tips For Balancing Career With Caregiving 


Featured in : 





Podcast Episodes: 

Podcast: Dietitian Kate Scarlata

Mindful Eating During The Holidays


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