Today happens to be my 35th birthday. When I was in my twenties I thought that when I got to this age I’d feel “old” (ridiculous, I know) or hung up on all the things I hadn’t done yet that I was supposed to have checked the boxes for. As I celebrate another spin around the sun, though, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m really just happy to be here, and honestly, I’ve gotten to do a lot of really cool stuff I might not have if I’d stuck to the “should”s. And I’m excited for what’s next. 

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The past year has been so full of changes in my personal and professional life. I published a book. I did some big consulting projects I would have been too intimidated to approach in the past. I became a Pilates instructor. I got engaged, I got married. I moved, and I started a new job where I get to do work I’m passionate about.

About that last one. My younger self thought I would never thought I would work in oncology—I actually tried to avoid it early in my career because it felt so close to home. You name an organ system, my family’s got it covered, pretty much, in terms of cancer history. After going through the experience of supporting my family and my dad during his battle with pancreatic cancer, though, my attitude shifted. I started thinking about resources I wish had been available and how I might make a difference there. 

I don’t talk about this much, but I left the clinical world in 2017 because my dad got sick and I needed to be there. It was kind of that simple. I had spent so much of my twenties hustling and rarely seeing my family, and when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I realized I probably wouldn’t be able to make up for lost time later. I had the luxury of being able to do remote coaching, freelance writing, and contract work throughout his illness so I could stay afloat, and I learned a ton of valuable lessons that actually helped me grow my business. Then I got my book deal the week he passed away and spent the next year writing and promoting The Little Book of Game Changers. I took on lots of consulting work that had me traveling. I never gave myself a chance to slow down to grieve or process or plan. 

And then covid hit, and I finally had a chance to think about what I really wanted to do and how I could make the most meaningful contribution. While I’m well suited to working for myself, I realized I missed being a part of a treatment team. 

I hadn’t been looking for a full-time job when we moved to New Jersey, but this unique opportunity came up to help build a totally new survivorship program centered around Nutrition and Wellness at Valley. Once I met the team and heard about their vision for the program, I was so excited to be a part of it and for what we will be creating. 

Even with all those changes, I am still here for you. 

credit: Parenthesis Photography

A lot of what you’ll see on my social media and on this blog will be the same. While I’m not currently taking private coaching clients, I’ll still be writing and releasing podcast episodes and focusing a lot on stress and energy management and on making self-care a priority even when life feels crazy. You just might see a little extra oncology stuff in the mix from time to time 🙂 

As I do every month, today I’m sharing a list of recent publications and appearances. 


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