If you have to smell the milk twice whenever it occurs to you to use it, maybe it’s a sign you should just stop buying it altogether.

IMG_1883On a semi-related note, continuing in the spirit of almost-spring cleaning, I’m half-assedly/non-committally challenging myself to use up most of the contents of my cabinets and freezer before buying new stuff.

Once upon a time (when I was 20), my fridge contained vodka, white wine, and guava preserves, maybe a little cheese. Times have definitely changed. People look in my fridge and say, “Whoa. So much…healthy. Stuff.” My cabinets are almost too full of things. Apocalypse dinner party at my place, you know what I’m saying? A few years ago, an impulse buy would have been a diet coke, today it’s an ounce of bee pollen.

So yeah. Edamame stir-fry tossed with whole wheat linguine instead of, like, soda noodles? Why not? Things could get interesting…

Do you ever do any culinary spring-cleaning? 

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