I’ve probably already said it this month, but in case I haven’t…

Holy Sh!t! How did the holidays get here? Seriously. 

In addition to festive coffee drinks, peppermint bark-everything, pretty lights and that pine-tree scent hanging over everything (yes, even in NYC), the media has been crawling with the usual “how to avoid holiday weight gain” tips.

Though I’ve posted about this topic in the past, this year I want to take a step back and say that in a season in which we make tons of time for other people, we need to remember to be nice to ourselves. For many of us, this means nixing the holiday guilt-tripping that involves food.

Check out Katie’s blog for a great post about why we need to have a guilt-free holiday season. Cheers to that! Elise also posted a “by the numbers” guide to “staying on track” during the holidays that cracked me up. Hey, it probably doesn’t hurt to know how many minutes of family flag football you’d need to play to burn off a slice of pie or whatever—just don’t let it run your life.

And um, who actually plays family flag football?

How do you feel about holiday food guilt-trips? 


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