Sometimes I have really mellow weekends, and other times, I have super-busy weekends. This past weekend fell into the latter category. I got to spend a lot of time out and about with  some of my favorite people—a friend was visiting and my sister and I finally managed to find some time to hang out.

Highlights involved a group dinner at Hearth Friday night, drinks with friends and then a jazz show Saturday night (followed by late-night girl-talk over tea at Starbucks until they kicked us out to close, and then lots of outside time on Sunday. After a stop for Indian food, my sister and I checked out the Coffee & Tea Festival and spent the rest of the afternoon shopping, walking around, and catching up.

It was one of those perfect New York City kind of weekends, and I’m grateful I got to take a little break and have some fun and some good conversations. It was restorative in a way I didn’t even know I needed, but I feel a lot better equipped to face the week.

What were your weekend highlights? 

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