So, now that we’re almost two weeks into 2012, how are those resolutions coming  along? What did you resolve to do this year? If you made a pledge to lose weight, get in shape, or quit smoking, you’re far from alone.

According to a Thomson Reuters-NPR Health Poll,  a third of Americans say they’ve made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight in the past five years and 42 percent of people who said they’ve smoke regularly in that time frame pledged to quit.

Respondents who made a resolution to lose weight said most often that their goal was between 10 and 29 pounds (48 percent). 21 percent pledged to drop 30-49 pounds. 57 percent of those who resolved to lose weight in the past five years were successful. 36 percent of smokers looking to quit were able to do so.

For 2012, fifty one percent of all respondents said they will make a resolution to exercise more in the coming year. Thirty five percent said they will make a pledge to lose weight and 9 percent of smokers indicated that they will make a resolution to quit smoking.

When it comes to keeping those resolutions, keep in mind that being realistic and choosing small, measurable goals can help you stay motivated and on track. Here are some more tips.

Did you make a New Years resolution? How’s it going? 

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