If every group of friends is like a family, I am totally okay with the fact that I play the role of the crazy aunt who’s always talking about the moon and telling people to eat and drink green things. If the shoe fits…

While I’d describe myself as a moderate drinker (3-5 drinks over the course of a week, usually with dinner), there are certain occasions on which I might enjoy a second or third glass of wine—or let’s make it champagne, to be festive. For many of you out there, myself maybe or maybe not included, New Years Eve is one such occasion.

While there’s a lot of info out there on how to detox after a big night out (the only true cure for a hangover is time, but here this recent NY Times piece mentions a few other remedies), what you do beforehand can have an effect on the morning after—if not physically, then at least mentally.

A big salad is one of my pre-tox go-tos

Before any food-and-drink holiday, I like to pre-game by making time for exercise and eating lots of nutrient-rich foods like big salads and vegetable-rich soups. I also try to avoid drinking on an empty stomach—that’s just asking for trouble.

Hydration is also key! I do try to drink water in between alcoholic drinks, but sometimes it’s not quite enough. Maybe if I were taller this wouldn’t be as much of an issue. My “big night out” is someone else’s “getting started” when it comes to drinking. Better to at least know your limit, I guess.

What are you doing for New Years Eve? 

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