Hopefully coming soon to a store near you!

This has been all over the news the past few days, but in case you haven’t seen it all over your social media news feeds,  the FDA finally announced a proposed food label makeover to make it easier for consumers to understand what they’re about to put in their mouth. About damn time.

So first, let’s have a look at the current “old” label (images borrowed from Food Politics):

Here is the revamped version the FDA proposed this past week:

They even suggested an alternate:

The changes I’m most excited about are that the serving size will now reflect an amount similar to what the average consumer considers a serving. I also love the differentiation between the sugars and added sugars. Additionally, “dual column” labels will show what you’re getting if you eat a servings verses the whole package. Also cool: vitamin D and potassium will be added, and vitamins A and C will be voluntary instead of mandatory inclusions.

What do you think of the proposed new food labels?

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