Anyone else having a “one of those days” kind of weeks? Um, yeah. Over here, it’s been a range of death in the family, stressful communication issues (thanks, Mercury retrograde), and even a salmonella waiting game. The universe has a sense of humor–not 20 minutes after I finished a cup of tea brewed with the first bag in a box someone gave me for Christmas, I got a text about a recall. Guess which  lot number was at the top of the list? Hey, it happens, but you’d better believe I kept myself busy that day to keep my mind off it.

Add to that things like, oh, feelings (what up, full moon), and it’s no wonder I’ve been relying on things like yoga and coffee dates with friends to get me through.

And humor. I love Mel Brooks—this clip basically says it all…

Good times. Another of my favorite remedies for these nerve soup weeks is real soup. Here are a few of my go-to recipes:

How do you deal with anxiety?

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