As you may or may not know, March is National Nutrition Month. Created by the American Dietetic Association, this annual education and information campaign is designed to shed some light on making informed food choices and developing good eating and physical activity habits as well as recognizing the committed dietitians who work hard to help people lead balanced, healthy lives.

This year’s theme is “Nutrition from the Ground Up.” Take it as a reminder to start with the basics. Talk with a dietitian, take advantage of fitness and health opportunities in your community, stock the kitchen with healthy staples like whole grains and fresh produce. Little tweaks and shifts in attitude can lead to bigger changes.
This month, I intend to focus on treating my body less like a robot and more like a living, breathing being—mine. That involves saying no to things I don’t need to take on and leaving enough time to rest and de-stress so I don’t have to rely so much on caffeine (sorry, diet coke) to keep me going.
So whether you decide to take up yoga or running or to start bringing your own lunch to work or cutting back on meat, enjoy the investment you make in yourself this month!
For more info, visit the National Nutrition Month at ADA’s website.

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