I go through phases where I put cocoa powder in practically everything. This week has been one of those phases—hardly mysterious, but no less ridiculous.

This morning's breakfast: whipped banana oats w/ chia seeds, cocoa, and cottage cheese

I love that the pre-Valentines Day hype always seems to coincide with one of these phases. Granted, with so many chocolate-centric Hallmark holidays, one of them’s bound to be convenient in this respect, especially when you consider that the Easter Candy is already out in some stores, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

My unofficial Valentines Day gift to myself also came in the mail this week. After putting it off for a few months, I bought myself a new pair of boots, something I can wear around the hospital comfortably but that I’ll also want to wear out. I have a hard time with shoes because of my lovely little foot deformity, so Aerosoles is my friend, especially when they’re having a clearance sale.  I love the way these look and feel, and my orthotics fit! Yeah…I prefer to rely on my charm than my sexy footwear when it comes to making friends.

Later this morning I’m taking a work break to go add to my collection of name-tags and hairnets by getting my dietetic intern ID card. Seriously, my desk drawer is like a graveyard of old personas who look eerily similar.

Do you have an extensive collection of name-tags and hairnets? 

Sorry, I can’t turn down an opportunity to quote Wayne’s World

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