This little taste of warm weather has a lot of us thinking to the summer months ahead. You know what that means—beach time. Confidence is key to rocking a swimsuit no matter your shape. For many of us, bloating tops the list of buzz-killers.

To help you feel your best, I shared a list of my favorite bloat-fighting foods over on Elana Lyn and demystified some common culprits so you know what to avoid or how to deal if you’ve got a beach trip on your weekend agenda.


My personal go-to foods from the list: 

*Avocado—I’m loving avocado toast latelyavocado toast and arugula

*Banana—Delicious plain, but especially awesome with a little peanut butter or cooked into oatmeal

*Black Coffee—Especially awesome in this smoothie

*Plain Yogurt—I could (and probably do) eat this every day. Greek and Icelandic are my standard, but this grassfed goodness from Stonyfield is delish. I like to mix in some flax or chia seeds, or a tablespoon each of cocoa powder and coconut flour.

Another one that didn’t make it to the final version of the article is sweet potato. Like avocado and bananas, sweet potatoes are packed with bloat-fighting potassium and fiber to help promote regular digestion. Lately, I cannot get enough of sweet potato with peanut butter and jelly. You can also use sweet potatoes and eggs (another great bloat-fighting food) to make a simple pancake.

PB and J Sweet Potato

Any beach trips in your future? What are some of your go-to foods for feeling your best? 

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