I have always been a morning workout person. With a schedule that can vary from week-to-week and usually has me waking up in the dark, if I want to do yoga during the week, I usually have to do it at home. I’m a big fan of vinyasa, and I also incorporate a bunch of pilates stuff to mix it up. To keep myself from falling back asleep, I rely on music to help make me amenable to starting the day.

For those who like Yoga to People, it may not seem weird that I listen to a lot of classic rock, indie/folk/whatever-the-f-you-wanna-call it when I do yoga. I fell into the habit this year of making a new playlist on Spotify each month or so (though it tends to synch up more with the astrological months—by around the 20th each month, it feels like it’s time for a new list). I do go back to old ones, though, depending on my mood, or sometimes I’ll listen to one artist for that hour I’m doing yoga. My neighbors can expect to hear anything from Tom Waits to Death Cab for Cutie to the Zombies.

Here’s a playlist I listened to this morning (I think I made it back in May/June) while enjoying a pre-work yoga session:

  • Isis-Bob Dylan
  • 5D (Fifth Dimension)-the Byrds
  • Angel in the Snow-Elliott Smith
  • Beneath the Balcony-Iron & Wine
  • Spanish Harlem Incident-Bob Dylan
  • Heaven Go Easy on Me-the Head & the Heart
  • Daughters of the Soho Riots-the National
  • Velouria-the Pixies
  • The Agony of Lafitte-Spoon
  • Visions of Johanna (live, 1966)-Bob Dylan
  • What Light-Wilco
  • Helplessly Hoping (demo)-Stephen Stills
  • Slow Show-the National
  • Float On-Modest Mouse
  • And Your Bird Can Sing (Anthology version)-the Beatles
  • Oh Yoko!-John Lennon

What kind of music do you like to listen to when you do yoga? 

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