Welcome to another Music Monday! Every installment, I’ll be bringing you a different artist talking about how they stay healthy on the road. This series is part of a larger project I am working on in conjunction with the nonprofit, WhyHunger, which works to fight hunger and poverty by connecting people to nutritious, affordable food and by supporting grassroots solutions that inspire self-reliance and community empowerment. If you have the time, take a look at their site, and please feel free to share this with your social networks, especially with your music-loving friends!

Today I have NYC-based recording artist and singer songwriter, Lindsay Katt.

Photo by Christopher

Photo by Christopher

Lindsay Katt’s music carries a unique combination of rich vocals, thoughtful lyrics, and memorable melody lines that stay with you. Katt and her eclectic mix of songs (ranging from upbeat indie pop to pensive ballads) have been featured on shows such as MTV’s “The Real World” Syfy’s “Being Human” as well as ABC shows such as “Castle” “Alias” and “Switched at birth,” among others. Her music videos have aired on LOGO and MTV.  

Growing up in an environment where healthy eating (not to mention a healthy relationship with food) was the norm, Katt has had to learn how to incorporate her good habits into life on the road.

“Having been raised in a farm setting,” she says, “with access to rich quality food (we actually had apple trees in the backyard and milk from the cow next door), I definitely took this luxury for granted before moving to New York. Being on the road has only complicated this issue, as it often involves eating in very unnatural settings.” It’s challenging to establish a good routine when you’re doing a lot of driving, flying, and transitioning from one hotel room to the next.

 Katt explains, “I have worked on solving this problem by proactively being and coming prepared. I brew my own kombucha, blend a lot of fresh grub in my Vitamix, and eat a lot of green things.  I also try to bring snacks on tour that may not be readily available on the road.” What kinds of snacks? “I love kale chips. I could eat Kale chips all day and not get tired of them.  I also eat seaweed paper, which is a bit strange, but something I have done since I was a kid. My goal is always raw, organic food whenever I can get it.”

“My biggest rule of the Road is to try and stay away from ‘beige’ food. Fruits are a really simple, easy way to do this. Even gas stations have apples and mini carrots.”

Katt also cites a book called “Nourishing Traditions” as a healthy-eating inspiration.

A Healthy lifestyle has been woven into the fabric of me by my parents. My Mother is a fantastic cook, and also an adventurous one. Food had always been a joyful, healthy experience in my world. It wasn’t until I left home that I really saw how much disordered and unhealthy eating habits were being promoted.”

She adds,” Food is a necessity, a gift, and a pleasure. Moderation is key, not restriction. I try to think as little about food as possible, and to use common sense when making choices. If I can eat something that will serve my body and make it stronger, that’s going to be my first choice…that, and the occasional pint of ice cream.  If you don’t have joy in eating healthy, you are missing a big piece of the picture!”

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