Hope you all have had a restful long weekend. As I mentioned in my last post, I spent the holiday at the Jersey Shore. The time away did me some good—I really believe in taking time off to recharge. I’m not always able to put that into practice, but this weekend I took advantage of the fact that I’d gotten most of my work done before I left.

I took a lot of long walks and ate a lot of good food and spent time with friends and family. One night my aunt, uncle and cousins came over for dinner and we made a nice spread. Another night we went out for seafood. Given my bum wrist, the kitchen was kind enough to send my lobster out already shelled.  This weekend did me some good in that I got a chance to rest, but I can’t wait to be brace-free!

Chris and I also went mini-golfing, and maybe we shared a cigar on the walk home ; )

So maybe the fridge is totally empty and the apartment needs to be cleaned, but after a solid 4 nights of deep seaside sleep, I feel much more capable of kicking ass on tomorrow’s to-do list. Um, yay, patriotism…

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