Greetings from New Jersey. How’s your weekend going?

I’m sitting here with my hair in hot rollers getting ready for my grandfather’s party. Hilarious.

Yesterday before heading out of the city, my mom and I had lunch at a restaurant on the Upper West Side called Josie’s, which I’d heard about on another blog (sorry I can’t remember whose!). We were in the neighborhood and in search of something but not up to wandering around, so I was glad to have remembered it. The food was really delicious. The waiter brought over some sweet bread while we looked at the menu.

We both ended up ordering the seared tofu salad, which featured baby spinach, roasted vegetables, chickpeas, and avocados as well. It was tossed lightly in some kind of vinaigrette that worked well with the tamari flavor of the tofu. Haha that sentences makes me sound like some food snob or something. Let’s just say it was good.

Afterwards, we went into a few stores, half-assedly shopping for Christmas gifts. I may or may not have left with a few early birthday gifts…I didn’t take pictures because the store had one of those open dressing rooms, and it didn’t’ really seem right to be snapping photos in which other half-naked ladies could end up in.

My mom did want me to get this dress, though.

It was really fun but I’m not really a feathery kinda gal. Maybe the right time and place but I’ll just have to see what New Years has in store for me this year…

How’s your weekend been? Would you wear that dress? 


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