Yesterday was nice and restorative. After some gentle yoga and doing stuff around the apartment, my mom and I had a lunch date at my current favorite sushi place. We both went with the $12 salmon teriyaki lunch special—so good. IMG_1431

It was really nice to catch up. Between her crazy work schedule and my ever-changing one, it’s hard to find the time, so it was much overdue. We’d talked about getting pedicures, but I wasn’t really up to it, so we wandered into a drug store to pick up a couple random things and had fun taking pictures of things with funny labels.

Like this:

IMG_1433Kind of genius.

The line breaks on this one seemed really awkward to me, though: IMG_1432

“Sickness band” just doesn’t sound good, though “morning & motion” is kind of neat. Actually, I take that back—it sounds like the name of a blog about a.m. exercise and/or morning sex. Maybe a blog where one compares calories burned by various forms of morning, um, motion. Hm. Maybe I should write that. Or not. I’d never want to encourage someone to have morning sex with a person they don’t really want to have morning sex with just because it will burn more calories than getting dressed and hailing a cab.

Disclaimer: I just took some DayQuil.

Do you like sushi? Exercise vs morning sex—thoughts? 

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