So the other day I mentioned I picked up some of this:img 3594 - More pumpkin things–this time with bacon!

Well, I also picked up some of this: img 3595 - More pumpkin things–this time with bacon!

If you’re rolling your eyes in the manner of, “Wtf is this stuff, dietitian bacon?” that’s fair—I prefer to let the experts work with “the good stuff.” I really have no business handling any of the applewood-smoked whatever-the-hell. All I really know how to do with bacon is microwave a few strips and then crumble them over things.

img 3604 - More pumpkin things–this time with bacon!Anyway, I wanted to see how pumpkin ravioli paired with shredded brussels sprouts and bacon. Turns out, my hunch was right on. This was fabulous! Highly recommend.

I think the hardest thing in the whole process was slicing the shallot I sautéed before adding the shredded sprouts and crumbled bacon. I ended up adding a little parm on top, but follow your taste buds.

Any favorite new food combinations you tried recently? 

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