I love the New York Public Library. I have gotten to read so many great books without having to pay a dime.

David Kessler’s The End of Overeating finally came in for me last week, and I must say, if you have the opportunity to read it, do it.

To give you a quick summary, Michael Pollen says of this book: “A fascinating account of the science of human appetite, as well as its exploitation by the food industry. The End of Overeating is an invaluable contribution to the national conversation about the catastrophe that is the modern American diet.”

Kessler gets into the specifics of the sugar-salt-fat flavors people are conditioned to crave and the ways in which foods are engineered to be irresistible. I guarantee, you will never look at a TGIFridays or a Chili’s or a Cheesecake Factory menu the same way ever again.

I have to say, though, the way he writes about people’s responses to trigger foods and their feelings of powerlessness against them stresses me out a little. I think that’s a compliment to his writing and ability to communicate the hold these foods have on these individuals. This book is compelling and fascinating and it makes me feel a tiny bit bad for all the lab rats involved in the experiments cited. In short: it’s a must-read.

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