I woke up this morning still not knowing how to feel about the Child Nutrition Bill passed yesterday.  While I’m excited that additional funding will make it possible to improve the quality of school food, I don’t like that so much of the bill’s $4.5 billion cost is coming from a cut in SNAP (food stamp) benefits.

Though I agree with Michelle Obama that this is “a groundbreaking piece of legislation,”  it makes no sense to me whatsoever to fund a bill meant to combat obesity and hunger (“two sides of the same coin,” according to Mr. McGovern, the co-chairman of the House Hunger Caucus) by cutting benefits that allow people to purchase food they otherwise would have a difficult time procuring. So maybe kids will get more nutritious foods at school, but what about when they go home?

President Obama reportedly said he would try to work with the Democrats to find other ways to finance the bill before these changes go into effect. I’m curious to see whether that comes to pass.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about a lot of things going on this week, such as yesterday’s vote on tax cuts and the unemployment benefits extension back-and-forth/will-they-or-won’t-they talk this week. Actually, I know exactly how I feel, but talking more about it would probably expose a little too much about my political leanings. I can understand multiple viewpoints but I still find myself shaking my head.

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