After nearing the burnout point this week (rain + new moon + Mercury retrograde + complicated patients), I got to enjoy a leisurely weekend doing favorite things with favorite people. There was a comedy show and lots of walking around Brooklyn, and a nap and a party and brunch—I feel like I’ve had a nice little mini-vacation.

img 5544 - Mini-vacation

Saturday afternoon at Dekalb Market

img 5543 - Mini-vacation

aka corn?

img 5546 - Mini-vacation

Not part of the festivities, but I’m terribly amused by its existence.

img 5547 - Mini-vacation

Mexican sweet bread at Chavela’s in Brooklyn

img 5548 - Mini-vacation

terrible picture of a fantastic cactus omelet.

The rest of my Sunday involves cooking for the week, some work stuff, and a pilates class. It’s been nice to hit the reset button. Here’s to hoping this week is a good one!

 What was the best part of your weekend?