I don’t know that many adults who drink milk anymore, but I actually do once in a while when I’m on the go and need something filling to get me a few hours from point A to point B. Most likely, I’ll opt to have it in the form of a cappuccino, but occasionally, like on a road trip or at work, a cup of milk is a quick and easy source of protein, calcium, and vitamin D.

Something that bugs me, though, is when the only options available in a store is flavored milk. When I talk about living in an obesogenic society, I’m talking about stuff like this:

flavored milk Bonus points for the organic milk, but if you can make room for vanilla and chocolate, how about some plain milk? Though I’m not going to discount the research suggesting that chocolate milk is a good post-workout recovery beverage, what’s with the vanilla?

Anyway, that’s just one of my eye-rolls for the week. If we want to help people stay healthy and avoid chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease, let’s make it easier to consume healthier options!

What prompted your last eye-roll? 

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