Earlier this week, McDonalds officially introduced their new Maple & Fruit Oatmeal to the world. So far, reviews have been pretty abysmal. Almost half of the 290 calories (which is perfectly fine for breakfast) come from sugar (32 grams total), so I have to question its staying power—my stomach would probably be growling within an hour. Apparently though, customers can order it with or without the brown sugar and fruit.

It’s also pretty low on protein (5 grams per 9.2 ounce serving) and heavy on carbs (about 4 servings worth).However, the nutrition stats show 5 grams of filling fiber, and it’s nice to see high levels of vitamins A and C, along with 100% of your daily calcium needs. Most of the ingredients are pronounceable, but I still want to know why oatmeal should need modified food starch and why they have to use light cream instead of milk. They’re a multi-billion dollar corporation, they should be able to step it up a little!

The picture  below isn’t really selling it either. I admire the effort (whole grains at a fast food establishment is a good move in the right direction), but it looks like a pretty poor execution of a good idea. Hopefully they’ll tone it down a little. Still, if on a road trip with few other options, I’d probably give this a shot.

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