In my last post, I talked about May goals. It’s been a really long time since I’ve done anything like make a vision board* or write out specific goals, so last week, I took some time to do both.

So far, my 2011 goals to meditate for 5 minutes per day and to get a massage once a month have been going well, and now that I know where I’m doing my internship and when it starts, I’ve been able to start thinking longer-term again and stop stressing over the big, gaping what-ifs.

For May, I wanted to set a few blog-friendly goals. They are:

  • Try baking bread at home—it’s time to get over my fear of working with yeast and kneading sh!t
  • Take a Zumba class—I need some quality laugh-at-myself time
  • Clean my closet. Be harsh.
  • Have fun with the process of deciding whether to move
*About that vision board…mine’s a little more abstract than they’re probably “supposed” to be, but I think that if you just go with what speaks to you, there’s no way to do it wrong.
Though I made this thing almost a week ago, I’ve found myself going back to it, even wondering if I should post something so personal. For example, I wanted to explain that I found myself putting John&Yoko on here as a representation of my “Give Peace A Chance” tendencies and belief in love (cheesy, I know). However, in light of last night’s events,it feels particularly meaningful to me. 

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