In this past weekend’s New York Times Sunday Review, Mark Bittman shared what his ideal food label would look like.

Under this system, packaged foods would bear a color-coded bar with a numerical score on the front, allowing the consumer to tell right away if the product’s overall rating falls between 11 and 15 (green), 6 and 10 (yellow) or 0 and 5 (red).There would also be a box to indicate whether there are any GMOs. The three factors the ratings would be based upon would be “Nutrition,” “Foodness” (how close it is to real food), and “Welfare” (related to “the treatment of workers, animals and the earth”).

I think I like it.

You can read more about Bittman’s dream label and the though process behind it here.

What do you think of this label idea? What would your dream food label have on it? 

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