This weekend, I had the pleasure of enjoying brunch at Mama Joy’s, a newly-opened Bushwick restaurant and bar featuring Southern food and drink. If you’re in Brooklyn and looking for hushpuppies, grits and/or bourbon, I just tipped you off to your new favorite place. You’re welcome. img 0054 - Mama Joy's in Brooklyn

My friend Laura, whom I know from the weekly writing group I belong to, and her husband Chad have spent the past year-and-a-half bringing Mama Joy’s to the community, so to hop on the subway and walk through the front door was so exciting. It always makes me happy to see a great idea manifested—even better when it’s already popular with the locals.

The name Mama Joy’s comes from Laura’s grandmother, “the quintessential Southern hostess,” and the cuisine definitely fills in a missing piece of the area’s culinary offerings.  Here’s a sampling of the seasonal menu , and for more about the menu and the space, check out this great review on Bushwick Daily.

So what did we order? Well…I couldn’t turn down the Shrimp & Grits…img 0052 - Mama Joy's in Brooklyn
…Pork Belly & Eggs was another hit… img 0050 - Mama Joy's in Brooklyn
…as was the Triple Pork Burger… img 0049 - Mama Joy's in Brooklyn
…and the French Toast…img 0051 - Mama Joy's in Brooklyn
Just a heads-up for the calorie-conscious: part of why this food is so good is because it’s the real deal. And by “real deal,” I mean that you will probably taste butter, and it will be awesome. Remember, in the grand scheme of things, one kale-free meal in the context of an overall healthy diet is totally cool and meant to be thoroughly enjoyed—even better when the company is good.
Do you like Southern food?