Happy 2012! Hope you had a great New Years Eve. Do you like to nerd out over New Years Day rituals? I kind of do. I like the idea of starting your new year off doing things you hope to do a lot of in the coming 365 days—start off on the right foot, you know?


Beans & greens for good luck in the new year!

Certain foods are thought to be good luck when eaten on New Years Day. Greens and green foods in general are said to promote financial wealth and growth. Same goes for beans and lentils, as they’re round and swell as they cook.  Long noodles are on the list too. Some meats and fish dishes can be lucky too, but stay away from lobster, as they move backwards and are thought to symbolize setbacks.

In 2009 I went all out and whipped up a feast of lucky foods, including:

  • Mixed greens with roasted beets, sliced pear, toasted walnuts, and maybe blue cheese in a balsamic vinaigrette
  • Roasted garlic, served with roasted peppers, hummus, and whole wheat flatbread
  • Vegetable antipasto—lots of roasted and grilled vegetables, served with olives and feta
  • Sesame soy slaw, made with brussel sprouts, sesame oil, ginger, soy sauce and red onion
  • Lentil-stuffed peppers

Um, yeah. Totally not doing that this year. I did buy lentils and split peas, though, and I have a sh!t ton of kale all prepped and waiting to be used in something.

Do you have any New Years Day rituals? 

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