Blossom's Vegetable Plate

I am making out like a bandit this week in terms of birthday dinners: First Candle 79, then Blossom Last night, and tonight I have plans for dinner with my family. It’s rare for me to go out that many times in one week, but I really can’t complain. Some people have asked me about how to eat in restaurants a lot yet still be healthy, and my advice is usually the same—Keep it clean (at least for your non-resturant meals), go easy on the booze, and don’t “save” all your calories for one big meal. Exercise helps too.

Whole wheat pasta with white beans, veggies and olives

I know I’m glad that an early pilates class still motivates me to get out of bed on marathon Thursdays. I had about an hour between things to come home and make some lunch to eat while I catch up on the news of the day. There’s some not-so-great word on the Child Nutrition Bill, but an interesting study on Omega-3’s and eye disease.

Update: The Child Nutrition Bill was passed later in the day. It’s not a perfect bill, but it’s still significant. You can read more about how the additional funds will improve school food here. Still, I don’t love that the funding for this bill has been made possible by cutting SNAP (food stamps) benefits. Does anyone else find it ironic that a bill meant to combat hunger and obesity does so by cutting a program that helps people afford food?

We’re nearing the end of the semester really f-ing quickly. This is my second-to-last meeting for my Thursday classes, and I have no clue how everything that needs to happen by December 21 is going to happen—I only know that it will.

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