We have a lot of Libras in my family—my dad, sister, grandfather, and a cousin all have birthdays within the same few weeks. Yesterday, I went out to New Jersey to celebrate my dad‘s birthday. Whenever I feel old, I just tell myself that, well, gosh—my dad must feel reallyold, being 30 years older than me and all.

The Birthday Boy

After a few stressful weeks (and a particularly tough full moon this Saturday), it was nice to spend some time with my family. My mom, sister, and I even got our nails done.

obligatory manicure shot

Though I returned home to NYC still feeling a bit under the weather, my heart felt about ten times lighter, so cheers to that. And happy early birthday to my sis, who turns 25 on Wednesday. Goddamn, they/we grow up so fast. Right, dad?

What did you do this weekend? Anyone else feel the full moon madness this go-around? 

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