Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative, geared at raising “a healthier generation of kids” and fighting childhood obesity. This week, she announced the campaign to much enthusiasm. While “Let’s Move” doesn’t cover food marketing to kids, it does offer a comprehensive plan to address factors that contribute to childhood obesity. One of the main things is to get kids to eat less and move more as well as to ensure that healthier food is served in schools.

On the Whitehouse.gov site, a release was posted detailing the plan:

Let’s Move is comprehensive, collaborative, and community-oriented and will include strategies to address the various factors that lead to childhood obesity. It will foster collaboration among the leaders in government, medicine and science, business, education, athletics, community organizations and more. And it will take into account how life is really lived in communities across the country – encouraging, supporting and pursuing solutions that are tailored to children and families facing a wide range of challenges and life circumstances.

You can read more about it here.

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