I’ll fully admit to being one of those people who loves their iPhone. I especially love how many different applications there are. There seems to be something for everyone.

This is one I saw while doing “competitive research” for an idea I wanted to pitch. Not surprisingly, someone had beaten me to the punch a long, long time ago.
This application, Nutrition Menu allows you to look up nutritional information for thousands of restaurants as well as everyday food items like milk and fruit. It also has a good journal which you can email to yourself and upload to a spreadsheet.
I think it’s a great idea for people on a specialized eating plan who need to keep track of what and how much they eat by keeping a food journal or just being aware. There’s always the concern that someone with an unhealthy obsession with healthful eating could become even more obsessed with all this information right at the their fingertips, but all in all, I think this is a great tool.

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