So apparently I’ve crossed that line into making stupid puns about nutrition. Or more like bending obscure music references to suit my needs. To give you a hint, this Saturday has turned into a one-person “all David Bowie all the time” party.

After a week in a bionutrition lab with no heat, I’m laying low, doing whatever my immune system tells me to do. This entails, among other things, giving into an expensive kombucha craving. IMG_1135

While I don’t really have conclusive evidence that upping my probiotic will really keep anything at bay, I tend to err on the side of “if it feels good, do it.” In this case, I feel like I feel better when I call in an army of good bacteria to help fight the good fight. Placebo effect or not, it’s one of my go-to’s. I also think of it like how people used to have lots of children because they needed farmhands rather than out of a need to satisfy some biological urge or adhere to a societal norm.

Anyway. Probiotics. David Bowie. Let the good bacteria boogie.

Do you take probiotics? 

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