I don’t know about you, but this hot weather, combined with a busy schedule, has made me a little less than enthusiastic about cooking dinner. We’ve been eating an embarrassing amount of salad over here…

I’m also amazed at how the heat seems to suppress hunger. Last night, I picked up some hummus and pita from Gazala Place, and we ate it with, yep, salad (topped with homemade yogurt dressing). Chris commented on how much less of the hummus we ate when we were at our own table rather than in the restaurant. So true!

Tonight, I didn’t even bother. I was meeting up with a friend after class, so before I left to head uptown, I had a filling snack that consisted of a Dr. Kracker flatbread with some of Chris’ homemade sunflower seed butter and a can of V8 juice, which I just discovered I like. When I got home a couple hours later, I was just too lazy to cook—and craving something sweet, besides. I just threw a bunch of frozen fruit in the blender with some raw oats, protein powder, and a little almond milk—smoothie in a bowl. Um, dinner part 2?

For dessert, there were a few squares of (cold!) dark chocolate. Technically, it all works out to a balanced day in context, and I’m pretty sure I got enough of what I need, but it feels so weird not to sit down to a regular meal.

Whatever. I’m confident things will get back to normal once the weather cools down.

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