mypyramid 4c - Lawsuit Over Vegetarian Alternative to Food PyramidIf you’ve ever looked at the USDA food pyramid, you’ve probably noticed that it isn’t exactly vegetarian-friendly (maybe or maybe not because of all the “meat” money involved). Well, a nonprofit doctors’ organization is suing the US Department of Agriculture and the US Department of Health and Human Services for not offering a vegetarian alternative, despite rapidly increasing rates of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses affected by diet.

I, for one, really hope we see at least a version of this group’s plant-based Power Plate guide in the near future. As more and more research shows the health benefits of eating a higher proportion of plant-based foods to animal-based foods (even if you don’t go “full vegetarian”), I think it would be ridiculous not to offer guidelines for people who want to know how to plan their meals.