When I started my job, free breakfast and lunch were offered to food service staff. While I can’t say it was gourmet cooking, on days when I didn’t have anything to pack, it was nice to be able to count on grabbing something at least slightly edible in the cafeteria. I also came to rely on the free—if nasty—coffee. morning coffee

Predictably, budget issues have dictated that free meals will no longer be available. Ditto free sh!tty coffee. Actually, I lied—we’re allowed to get free fountain drinks, and we also ask for a mix of lettuce, tomato, and cucumber from the salad bar. I think sandwiches may be available as well  at a reduced cost. On the one hand, I appreciate the company trying to still provide something, but on the other, I’d kind of rather it be all or nothing.

I kind of saw this coming a few months ago, which is why I’ve been gradually getting myself into the habit of packing lunch. Like so: antipasti salad

IMG_3784So photogenic, I know.

For better or worse, my last totally free lunch was kind of anticlimactic.chickpea stew

This chickpea stew was way better than it looked, but, well, yeah. The dietitians were chatting about how maybe this will motivate us to try some new recipes and get more creative. So we will see. Good times. Always an adventure.

What’s the lunch situation like at your job? 

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