June was a really intense month. A growing month, and a time when we had to reflect on and process very important yet difficult stuff and to figure out how best to move forward with intention—not to return “back to normal.”

Though I have shared a bit about this on social media and in my weekly newsletters, I’ll comment here as well that, while I may post my usual food and lifestyle-related content, I remain committed to fighting systemic racism. As I further my education behind the scenes on how best to do that, I also will continue to feature more diverse voices in my articles and podcasts and, in those interviews, to invite more discussions about how we can promote diversity in the wellness space. 

I have so many great new podcast interviews to share with you in the months and weeks ahead. In the meantime, in June I released episodes with some amazing guests on the podcast and also did a solo episode about healthy sleep hacks because who doesn’t want to sleep better at night? 

I also had a great time this month doing more recipe development and cooking up some new media projects as I planned some new and different things. 2020 has been…the strangest year ever, but I know that I will look back and understand how necessary and valuable the disruptions were. 

Also, um, thank goodness for meditation and cats. 




As I do every month, today I’m sharing a round-up of some recent publications and media appearances. 




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