Wow—June. What a full month. I mean that in the best way possible. So many highlights! Meditating in the desert, conquering my fear of handstands, my 10-year college reunion, my sister’s adorable new puppy and his silly pug noises…There were lots of fun times with friends and family and new people—and it’s also been a busy month full of travel (Boston, Mbg revitalize, shorter trips to NJ) and fun work projects and opportunities. I’ve also been busy on the writing and content creation front. I’m excited about the new stuff I’m working on to share with you guys later this summer and into the fall.

I’ve also been having a blast working with my amazing coaching clients. I always say that I may not be able to solve all the big problems but if I can help someone have a better day by making it easier for them to make a choice that supports their goals, then that’s a win.

I’ve still got a couple spots left so if you’re interested in working together contact me here  to book a complimentary consult to discuss how I can help you reach your health and fitness goals this summer without giving up what you love or feeling miserable on a straight-and-narrow #diet.

Last week I shared a list of some of my favorite things from this month, and today I’ve got a round-up of some recent publications and appearances.

A Busy Chef’s Advice On Self-Care

Want To Trust Your Gut? Here’s What To Feed It

A Nutritionist’s Tips For The Recovering Wonder Woman 

What To Eat To Beat Stress All Day, According To A Registered Dietitian 




The 5 Best Blood Sugar-Balancing Breakfasts To Avoid Hanger All Day Long

Organic, Pastured, Free-Range—Which Type Of Egg Is Actually Healthiest? 


Quoted In:



The World’s Healthiest Mexican Food Brand Just Released A Metabolism-Boosting New Product—And It’s So, So Good


Women’s Health

Is Oatmeal Healthy Or Have You Been Scammed? 



The Mediterranean Diet Has Been Called Into Question But Experts Say It’s Still Worthy 


Eat This, Not That

30 Morning Rituals Nutritionists Do Every Day To Stay Slim



10 Ways To Boost Your Energy After A Sleepless Night 



Toddlers Are Eating More Sugar Than What’s Recommended For Some Adults



What have been your highlights this month? 



This has been another installment of the Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where randomness is the name of the game. Thanks to Amanda for hosting.



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