July was a challenging month in lots of ways. I felt like every time I tried to plan something, the universe just laughed. An affirmation I have been writing in my morning journaling recently is, “I now open myself up to divine guidance and the magic of perfect timing.” Because holy crap. There were definitely moments where I had to regroup and find peace of mind by acknowledging that many blessings come in disguise. 

That said, it was a really good month for focusing on my family, healing my physical and emotional health, and working on a project that’s very close to my heart. We also launched an exciting new virtual group program at the Breast Center. 

As I share every month, here’s a look at some recent publications and media appearances. 


July 2021 Media 

Podcast Episodes: 

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Featured In: 


How To Add Protein To Fruit Salad

Tips For Successful Virtual Health Coaching

What Is Functional Nutrition? 


Verywell Health 

Most Americans Are Not Meeting Guidelines For Cancer Prevention


Ways To Save On Summer Superfoods 



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