Do you often find yourself eating lunch while at your computer, perhaps even taking bites of food in between phone calls? Just like you, I have a hard time taking an actual lunch break even though I know how important it is to step away from whatever it is I am doing and take a few minutes to just eat. There are so many important reasons to do so – stepping away to eat allows us to tune into our hunger and fullness cues, provides both physical and emotional satisfaction (doesn’t your food taste better when you take a moment to enjoy it?), and gives us the opportunity to connect with others over a meal — which is why, from now until July 31, I’m running a #lunchbreakchallenge and I hope you’ll join me!

 If you’re looking for both accountability and support, I am here! You can post your own #lunchbreakchallenge and tag me on Facebook at @Jessica Cording Nutrition and on Instagram at @jesscording. I am really excited to be doing this #lunchbreakchallenge with you and hope that together we’ll learn how to break the habit of eating in front of our screens!

Before signing off, I want to share some of my favorite lunches with you! One tasty meal I gravitate towards is a big arugula salad tossed with avocado, zucchini noodles, some leftover cooked veggies, alongside a protein like hard boiled eggs, roasted chicken, or boneless wild sardines packed in olive oil. I love to top this salad with some vinegar or lemon juice, and a touch more of olive oil. Doesn’t that sound delicious?


Some other great options include this delicious and easy to make Yogurt-Marinated Chicken, this protein-rich and colorful Herbed Slow Cooker Chicken, this hearty and cheeky #SorryNotSorry Steak Salad, and this bright and healthy Herbed Cucumber And Tomato Salad.

I hope this #lunchbreakchallenge encourages us to take time away from our busy schedules and to enjoy a meal without distractions! I’d love to chat with you about your health and fitness — click here to book a free consult call.

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