While sucking down a cup of coffee yesterday afternoon at the library, I came across a WebMD article about caffeine addiction. It turns out it may be genetic.Thanks, Mom!

The specific genes involved are CYP1A2, long known to play some role in caffeine metabolism, and there is another called AHR, which affects regulation of CYP1A2. All people have both genes, but the study, which  involved over 47,000 middle-aged Americans of European descent, revealed that people with the highest-consumption variant for either gene consumed about 40 milligrams more caffeine than people with the lowest-consumption gene varieties. 40 milligrams is equal to about 1/3 cup of caffeinated coffee or one can of soda. What this shows that our individual ability to metabolize caffeine may be inherited.

You can read more about it here.

Well, now that my massive cup of green tea is finished, I’m going to head out to hot yoga. I’m feeling pretty good after some deep sleep, a bowl of chocolate carrot cake oatmeal, and the news that I’m actually a lot closer to being done with my masters than I thought! I’m taking one class this summer and three this fall, and then I’ll only have two courses left! Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel does a lot for your outlook.

http://keepingitrealfood.com/2011/03/08/chocolate-carrot-cake-oatmeal/ your Friday.

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