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Nutrition experts are worried about the effect the economy may have on American’s waistlines (no, really?). We all know that unhealthy food costs less, and that when people have less money, cheaper food is more attractive.

We’re hardwired to seek the most nutritional bang for our buck. While it may seem that fast food is the only affordable option for some people, researchers at the University of Washington are putting together a helpful list of healthy foods that give the most nutrition for the price per portion:

— Lower-fat milk; low-fat yogurt; cheddar, American or mozzarella cheese
— Lean ground beef; chicken (not deep-fried); canned fish
— Whole eggs
— Beans, dry or canned
— Peanut butter; sunflower seeds; almonds
— Bread, enriched or made with whole wheat; tortillas, corn or wheat; rice
— Bananas; apples; frozen orange juice concentrate; 100 percent fruit juice or fruit-vegetable blends
— Potatoes, with or without skins; iceberg lettuce; canned, not creamed, corn; canned tomatoes

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