Greetings from New Jersey. Thankfully, the power only went out for about five minutes here last night. While it’s still raining and there’s a tiny bit of flooding in the backyard, it’s nowhere nearly as bad as predicted. Guess we didn’t need all those candles my sister gathered up.

we had a good laugh over this

I don’t want to speak too soon, but it looks like I made the right choice coming out here after all, since I’ll probably be able to make my appointments tomorrow and get back to the city relatively easily. I’m so happy to hear things were anticlimactic for a lot of people in NYC this morning! Rather than be mad about a lot of hype over something that seems not to have been a big deal, I prefer to be glad that the whole “prepare for the worst and hope for the best” thing worked out—much better than the alternative.

I was supposed to be traveling with my family anyway this weekend to my aunt’s bridal shower. While I’m bummed we had to miss out on the party, it’s still been nice to spend a little time with my folks before my schedule gets all crazy this fall.

Saw this at TJ Maxx—inflatable cupcake carrier. Oh dear...

...and a bagel carrier?

We had a good time last night preemptively eating the Skinny Cow ice cream cones that were “totally going to go to to waste” when the power went out and taking silly pictures with one of the creepier candles.

scariest photo of me ever

I was really happy when I woke up and all the lights were still on. I know a lot of people were not so lucky. It was nice to work out, take a hot shower and make a really good breakfast. Note to self: use almond extract in oatmeal more often. It looks like today is going to be an inside day. Because I can’t help myself, I’m going to get a jump on Monday’s work and see if I can talk anyone into playing Apples to Apples or The Game of Things.

How has your weekend been? Any favorite rainy-day activities?

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